Helping men become more alpha

The NY Times on the Baton Rouge shooter.

As investigators worked, details about [Gavin] Long, 29, of Kansas City, Mo., began to emerge. Court records filed in Missouri showed that Mr. Long filed a name-change notice with the Jackson County recorder’s office, seeking to change his name to Cosmo Ausar Setepenra and saying he was a member of an indigenous tribe. A spokeswoman for the court said Mr. Long never filed a petition with the court, so the document was not legally binding.

Using that name, Mr. Long billed himself online as a self-help author and life coach who could help men become more “alpha.”

Like the gunman who killed five police officers more than a week ago in Dallas, Mr. Long had served abroad in the military.

Men who see themselves as “alpha,” and who see “alpha” maleness as a valuable thing, and who have spent time in the military.

Internet domain search tools show that Mr. Long registered a website called in April. Another website, registered privately,, is filled with blog posts and podcasts that match Mr. Long’s biography, including his stint in the military and educational career. The site promotes three self-help books and offers life coaching sessions for $119 an hour.

The podcasts, which began in April, are more focused toward helping men become more authoritative to impress women.

And to subordinate them. That’s what alpha males do, after all – no alpha male is going to be pussywhipped. Those are the only two choices: either the male dominates, or he’s pussywhipped. Equality isn’t a thing.

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