Safe travel

Taslima mentioned this on Twitter, so I looked it up. International Business Times reports:

Indian Army personnel allegedly gang-raped a 14-year-old girl Monday in a moving train in the eastern state of Jharkhand, according to local reports. Police in Jharkhand reportedly detained one of the men and said the other two would be arrested soon.

The girl ran away from her home Sunday and was travelling alone on a train bound for the town of Amritsar, in the northwestern state of Punjab. Her family alerted police of her disappearance, who informed railway authorities.

The Times of India reported officials spotted her boarding a train car reserved for troops.

Railway police rescued the girl, who later said in a complaint that one of the soldiers offered her liquor and two others raped her after she was drunk. The man who offered the girl liquor was arrested and the other two were absconding, DNA newspaper reported.

Taslima had guys tweeting at her that the girl drank liquor!! the girl got in a traincar with soldiers!! In other words she asked for it. Taslima explained to them that she didn’t.

Rape is a crime. It’s not a judicial and fitting punishment for running away, or disobeying parents, or skipping school, or drinking, or getting on a train with men. It’s a crime and a violation of rights; it’s an act of violence. Nothing justifies it.

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