Who are these “liberal elites”?

Guest post by Josh Spokes.

“Liberal elites”. “Liberal elites.”

Who are they, New York Times and mainstream media? Who are these horrible super rich people who want women to have birth control, who want poor people to have food stamps and medical care (even poor people who super HATE them some “elites” but still want health care)?

Who are these villains that you say, again, are responsible for Trump’s victory? What ever did they do to make the people actually effected by Republican policies—no job stability, promises to take away their healthcare—hate them?

Fucking shut up. Do some real world analysis or shut up.

Racism and misogyny won Trump the election. Not my middle class ass. Not my “liberal elite” friends who work in human services, organize town clean ups after floods, who work to help poor people sign up for Medicaid.

We didn’t fucking do this. We actually try to HELP people. We do help people. We’re not perfect, but we haven’t done anything to deserve this stupidity.

And if one you puts up a quote from that self-regarding hick version of David Brooks, JD Vance, I’ll boot you out. I’m shocked at how many smart people have been taken in by his facile and obviously wrong headed diagnosis.

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