Revenge on Wellesley

The new world we live in:

Two people who drove through Wellesley College on Wednesday waving a Donald Trump flag were removed by campus security for being “disruptive” to students at Hillary Clinton’s alma mater.

Lisa Barbin, chief of the Wellesley College campus police, sent a campus-wide e-mail informing students of the incident.

“This afternoon there were reports of two disruptive individuals driving through campus in a pickup truck with a Donald Trump flag,” Barbin wrote. “We want you to know that College leadership, Campus Police, and Wellesley Town Police were informed, and the individuals were asked to leave College property without incident. As always, your safety is our first priority.”

They hadn’t yet identified the two “people” – but a follow-up story has more:

Babson College said it was two of its students who drove through Wellesley College on Wednesday waving a Donald Trump flag just hours after one of the women school’s most famous graduates, Hillary Clinton, conceded defeat in the bitter presidential campaign.

Lawrence P. Ward, the vice president of student affairs at Babson, said his school is working with Wellesley College public safety officials to identify the two male students who then could face discipline under the student code of conduct.

Ward said in a letter to the Babson community that “two Babson students ‘[on Wednesday] drove around campus in a pickup truck, waved a Trump flag, and antagonized students. Their actions, as reported to me and other college officials, were highly offensive, incredibly insensitive, and simply not acceptable.’’

It’s BullyWorld, and we’re living in it.

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