Civil war

Racists are feeling empowered.

In his acceptance speech on Nov. 9, US president-elect Donald J. Trump made a pledge of unity, promising to be a leader for “all Americans.”

But some of his supporters have not heard that message. Even as Trump was speaking, one person in the audience yelled “Hang Obama,” and online commentators spewed a steady stream of racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic messages on a YouTube livestream, directed to “Anti-whites,” “Killery,” and “Jews in Congress.”

It’s grotesque that Trump said that. He’s a man who boils with hatred and contempt, and spits it out whenever the mood strikes him, which it does every few minutes. He despises women, black and brown people, Mexicans, foreigners, Muslims, Jews, “losers,” liberals…That doesn’t leave many people.

Trump’s victory, which he achieved with 279 electoral college votes but without taking the popular vote, appears to have emboldened some of the white supremacists who support him offline too. Self-identified Trump supporters are harassing minorities, and calling for more organized white supremacy.

Near Boston, MA, at Wellesley College, where Clinton went to school, two men from a neighboring college drove around the campus flying a Trump flag from their pickup truck, according to students who posted videos on Facebook. One wrote:

They laughed, screamed and sped around campus. Then, they parked in front of the house for students of African descent, and jeered at them, screaming Trump and Make America Great Again. When one student asked them to leave, they spat in her direction.

This is the new reality. This is what Trump’s America is going to be like.

Utah high schools have several reports of Latino students being bullied, according to a local Fox News channel. One student whose parents are Mexican immigrants said she was told, “You wetbacks need to go back to Mexico.”

Racist slurs and pro-Trump slogans were scrawled at high school in Minnesota:

Erin Cichanski on Facebook

Obama is meeting with Trump now to help him with the transition. Obama is meeting with the guy who spent years saying Obama was born in Kenya. Obama is meeting with the guy who was endorsed by the KKK last week.

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