Guest post: Jared could administer the test

Originally a comment by Your Name’s not Bruce? on Ok time’s up.

15 days is forever for someone with no impulse control.

The fundamental theory is that your clampdown measures have to last 15 days after your last new case unless you have containment and contact tracing in place allowing every single instance to be quarantined.

Yes, but he’s a really smart guy who’s right a lot of times. He’s got a good feeling about 15 days. Besides, that sounds like a lot of work (none of which Trump would actually have to do), and altogether too many big words to fit onto the pages of his jumbo print note binder.

I say let him go out after 15 days, then slap him in quarantine for a couple of weeks. During that time he could wait for a test to become available; once it is, Jared could administer it. During quarantine, Trump could learn to wash and reuse his mask in some of those great liquids, and Dr. Fauci could use him as a test subject for that “treatment” Trump’s so eager to roll out. It might save us from more of his Nuremberg pressers, which will save us from tearing our own heads off listening to him.

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