Lock up all the Karens

But the lawyer who says we should throw turkeys at the Aunt Karens who fail to agree that men are women if they say they are can stop fretting: soon Aunt Karen’s failure to agree will be a crime, at least it will if she doesn’t keep her damn karen mouth shut.

Activists who promote the view that a trans woman is not a woman will be breaking the law if a court rules their campaign was intended to stir up hatred, the justice secretary has confirmed.

Humza Yousaf said it would not be a crime to express the opinion that sex is immutable unless it was accompanied by behaviour that was intended to stir up hatred, which could include aggressive campaigning.

And aggressive campaigning could include…what? Saying so on Facebook and Twitter maybe? Saying so in blog posts or opinion pieces? Saying so at dinner tables?

It’s just Scotland for now, but it could spread.

Some people love it:

Becky Kaufmann says she has been the target of hate crime in the past. She works as a policy officer for the Scottish Trans Alliance, one of several organisations that back the bill.

“All laws are authoritarian, by definition,” she said.

“Laws that tell you what you have to do are constraining your behaviour. In a civil, decent society we have laws that truly recognise what is abusive and offensive behaviour and we don’t criminalise what is not.

She added: “Unfortunately, in this day and age, we have behaviour that climbs above that threshold, and when the behaviour climbs above that threshold, and any reasonable observer could look it and say ‘that’s not on’, then that should be criminalised.”

Ah yes, that clears things up beautifully. If any reasonable observer could look it and say “that’s not on” then there’s your case, open and shut, no room for doubt.

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