Return of “Lock her up”

There are protests and then there are protests.

Thousands of demonstrators descended on the state Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, on Wednesday to protest Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s restrictive stay-at-home order, clogging the streets with their cars while scores ignored organizers’ pleas to stay inside their vehicles.

Not staying inside their anything is the whole point. Mommy can’t tell ME what to do.

The protest — dubbed “Operation Gridlock” — was organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition and the Michigan Freedom Fund, a DeVos family-linked conservative group. Protesters were encouraged to show up and cause traffic jams, honk and bring signs to display from their cars. Organizers wrote on Facebook: “Do not park and walk — stay in your vehicles!”

Many ignored the demand. Demonstrators, on foot, were seen waving American, “Don’t Tread on Me” and Trump campaign flags. At least two Confederate flags were spotted.

Protesters could be heard chanting “Open up Michigan!” At one point, there was a “lock her up” chant in reference to Whitmer.

It’s all the same thing, isn’t it – liberalism, virology, public health, women in top jobs, women taking our guns away – it’s all connected.

But then Michigan has one of the highest rates of infection, so maybe there’s a reason Whitmer signed a particularly restrictive order?

More than 27,000 cases have been confirmed in the state with at least 1,700 deaths. In Wayne County, home to Detroit, 820 people have died, per a Johns Hopkins University tracker. Wayne County has more deaths than any county in the U.S. outside of New York state.

Hmm Detroit, what’s Detroit known for? Besides cars? Those car factories made it a top destination for the Great Migration, so it has a large African American population. As we’ve seen, the virus is disproportionately infecting brown people. This “protest” has more than a whiff of the Charlottesville “protest” – more than a whiff of white supremacy.

See what I mean?

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