Look at the roots!

A protest:

Hundreds of Michigan residents descended on the state capitol in Lansing on Wednesday in their cars and trucks for a vehicle demonstration labeled #OperationGridlock to protest Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s strict stay-at-home orders. 

Because what kind of totalitarian fiend wants to prevent mass deaths from a novel virus pandemic?

The order, one of the nation’s most stringent, included closing parts of big-box stores that sell gardening and home-improvement goods, limiting the use of motorboats, closing public golf courses, and curbing interstate travel, barring residents from fleeing the most heavily afflicted parts of the state to their cabins in rural Michigan.

I think maybe public golf courses should remain open for walking and exercise (not for golf), provided people can maintain distance, but the rest of it seems reasonable. Rural Michigan naturally has far less in the way of hospitals and medical workers, so people shouldn’t be going there from the cities.

So how’s it going?


But hey. This woman has GREY HAIR SHOWING. Getting that fixed is worth any number of lives, right?

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