It’s entirely understandable that Trump is doing such a terrible job as president – he’s so busy promoting all his golf clubs. What’s he supposed to do, stop promoting them? That’s crazy talk. Now the Senior P.G.A. Championship is happening at one of his clubs. Big bucks for President Pig!

Over the past decade, the Trump Organization has stockpiled golf courses, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy, remake and upgrade a dozen different clubs and resorts from the Hudson Valley to Doonbeg, Ireland. Golf resorts and clubs have accounted for roughly half of Mr. Trump’s revenue, according to his personal financial disclosure last year.

Just four months into his presidency, Mr. Trump has visited his family-owned golf clubs 25 times, giving them the kind of media exposure that advertising could never buy. Six of those visits have been to the Virginia course while the P.G.A. marketed tickets to the event. And this week, Mr. Trump courted the senior P.G.A. club professionals in town by arranging a private tour of the White House, despite promising in his ethics plan that “the Office of the Presidency is isolated from the Trump Organization.”

He’s multitasking. He does an hour of ranting about Mooslims and shoving heads of state out of his way, and then an hour of showing golf pros around the White House. Win-win; everybody’s happy.

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