Should have thought of that sooner

The chief ethics honcho doesn’t think much of Trump’s plan for how to avoid conflicts of interest during his “presidency.”

The head of the Office of Government Ethics is publicly slamming President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to continue profiting from his international company while he is in the White House.

Walter Shaub took the extraordinary step of saying Trump’s plan to retain a stake in the Trump Organization while his adult sons run the day-to-day operations falls short of what the OGE had advised him to do. The office counseled Trump to sell off his business assets and place the proceeds in a trust overseen by an independent manager.

Did you notice that Trump’s lawyer said, in an aggrieved way, that he shouldn’t have to destroy his business? As if he had been forcibly drafted into the presidency? It was his idea to go for it, so yes actually he should have to do what it takes to avoid using the job to add even more money to his stash. He’s not special; he doesn’t deserve some extra leeway that other presidents haven’t given themselves.

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