Punish the harlots

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More than 500 students and alumni at Oxford have come together to sign an open letter condemning “two professors with a history of transphobia”.

The letter expresses disappointment and distress over the controversial appointment of professors Selina Todd and Senia Paseta to lead a new programme on Women’s Equality and Inequality at the Oxford Martin School. Accusing the Martin School of ‘tacitly sanction(ing)’ the views of Professor Todd and Professor Paseta, the signatories raises concerns about a “hostile and exclusionary environment”.

Blah blah blah blah. This is the new “left” now: the chief enemy is women.

You already know this, but: they are not phobic. Saying that men are not women is not phobic. Disobeying orders to say that men are women is not phobic. Refusing to pretend to believe a nonsense claim is not phobic.

Professor Todd, a member of Women’s Place UK, has previously criticized the LGBT rights charity Stonewall for failing to “support academic freedom of thought” and presenting “anti-scientific claims… as objective fact”.

That’s not phobic. It may or may not be accurate but it’s not phobic.

In 2018, Professor Todd also shared a petition calling on the British Film Institute to remove transgender activist Munroe Bergdorf as a speaker at its women’s summit.

That’s not phobic.

Imagine someone – say, Nikole Hannah-Jones – called on an organization to remove Rachel Dolezal as a speaker at a BLM summit. That would not be phobic.

Professor Todd has repeatedly denied allegations of transphobia, instead describing herself on her website as a “gender-critical feminist”. She claims that, on the issue of self ID, ‘months of research’ led her to the conclusion that “to support transpeople’s rights… would harm the rights of women, because so often what is being asked for is free access to women-only spaces”.

That’s not phobic.

Professor Paseta has also attracted criticism. In 2018, she joined Professor Todd in an open letter to the Labour Party, which called on then-leader Jeremy Corbyn to “uphold their right to sex-segregated spaces”. The letter went on to denounce the terms ‘TERF’ and ‘cis’ being used to describe women.

Still not phobic.

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