Guest post: Like shards of glass stuck in your brain

Originally a comment by iknklast on Shame and fear of damnation.

It has taken decades of therapy and hard work to overcome the intense feelings of shame and fear of damnation that she said marked her childhood.

This. So much this. I have been out of Christianity for over 40 years, and I still deal with this nearly every day. It is like shards of glass stuck in your brain. No matter how much you know on an intellectual level that these are fallacious beliefs, that you are not a bad person, you still respond to certain things in the way you have been trained to respond. I have been trying to root out those shards of glass in many years of therapy, and when I think I have gotten them all, I leave therapy, sigh with relief, and go about my business. Until a new one shows up. And the wounds fester. They become infected. They ooze pus into your whole being that can consume you if you don’t have the strength or support to resist.

In addition, people like me, like Barrett, are raised to believe everyone else is wrong. I moved past that, thanks to falling into a set in high school that helped me examine my beliefs. Barrett has not moved past that. You should not put someone on the SCOTUS if they have such a view, if they cannot listen to other arguments without having already decided they are wrong. That is dangerously dogmatic.

I would be perfectly happy if the Catholic contingent on the court decreased until it was just Sonia Sotomayor. She is one who appears to be able to keep her religion and her work separate. The rest? Not so much.

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