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I find it interesting because it’s so in your face, so perverse (not perverted, mind, perverse), so nyah nyah. Saying “we mean every” about a conspicuously male male, with beard and hirsute chest and legs, decked out in dainty catch me-fuck me laydeez underwear. They’re not saying it about a man seriously trying to “dress as” a woman or to look like a woman or to convince anyone he’s a woman, they’re saying it about an unmistakable man with a “Fuck you, bitch” look on his face, dressed and posed like a prostitute.

It’s hard to unpick all the levels here. There’s the “you WILL agree that this is a woman” level, but there’s also the “haha obviously this is not a woman but we get to force you to say it is” level and the “if you don’t agree that he’s a woman he’ll kick you in the cunt, you cunt” level. There’s the “I will cut you” face coupled with the passivity of the clothes – it jars and it’s meant to jar and the whole point of the jarring is to taunt and threaten and insult and bully women.

And it is, apparently, from a company that makes “lingerie” – i.e. sexualized underwear for women.

There is also the level of “this is what makes someone a woman: wearing chase me-fuck me underwear and adopting a fuck me pose.” That’s all there is to being a woman: sexy underwear and passivity. It’s so determinative of being a woman that the hostile threatening male stare is overruled by the stockings.

There’s also the level of “women can’t possibly do this, women can’t not shave and not pluck and not paint and then pose in sexy underwear with hairy legs and a ‘fuck you’ stare, but men can” level. Women have to scrape their bodies clean of every trace of hair, even between their legs, and then draw lines where their eyebrows used to be, but men can just pull the stockings up over the wiry black hairs and then dare us to say a word.

“Pride Weeks” forsooth.

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