A startling ultimatum

The Republican “we’re gonna TELL on you” ploy is getting more attention.

The National Republican Congressional Committee debuted a bright-yellow prechecked recurring-donation box on its donation page with a startling ultimatum.

The message from House Republicans’ campaign arm — which caught the eye of many reporters on Wednesday — told people that it needed to know it hadn’t “lost you to the Radical Left” and that if they opted out of making their donation a recurring one and “UNCHECK this box, we will have to tell Trump you’re a DEFECTOR & sided with the Dems.”

It’s interesting how stupid that message is, and how cheerful the Republicans who thought it up must be about telling their own people “We think you’re gullible enough to believe this.” Not giving away money to a political party when asked is not evidence of allegiance to the other party. More people vote Republican than give money to the Republican party. People tend to need their money for living expenses. The people demanding the money are very likely to be far richer than the people they’re demanding the money from.

You’re a DEFECTOR – and a traitor and a spy. It all adds up.

On the RNC’s WinRed donation page on Wednesday, the yellow prechecked donation box said, “The Dems want you to uncheck this box and abandon President Trump, but we know you won’t!”

Furthermore, see this dog? We’ll shoot this dog if you uncheck the box.

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