On second thought

Woe that too late repents.

Governor Asa Hutchinson on Tuesday expressed regret for signing Act 1002 into Arkansas law. The new law bans the state and local officials from enacting any mask mandates.

Any other laws like that on the books in Arkansas? Bans on calling the fire department when the house goes up in flames? Bans on vaccinating children? Bans on teaching toddlers not to run across the street? Bans on ducking when someone throws a brick?

During a press conference, Hutchinson answered questions about why he signed the proposal into law. He said that when he initially approved it a few months ago, both COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations were at a “low point” in Arkansas and were declining.

That’s a stupid reason.

He is concerned that since students ages 12 and under are not approved to receive the COVID-19 vaccinations they could be put at risk of contracting the virus when school returns in the fall.

Oh never mind that, it’s much more important to play these idiotic murderous games with the population’s health.

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