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More like an addiction than an orientation or identity

Sep 10th, 2019 8:06 am | By

Oof. An eye-opening thread that makes sense of a lot that seems baffling. Author is Lara Adams-Miller @LaraAdamsMille1.

Something you should realize about autogynephiles: They can’t stop. AGP functions more like an addiction than an orientation or identity. “Letting out the woman within” is both a high and a release. Time passes, and, without a fresh fix, they become hostile & self-destructive.

It seems like they’re putting it on a bit when they talk about how being denied their trans identity will “literally kill” them. It makes more sense, though, if you realize that they very well may believe that. If you’ve experienced addiction, you know that feeling.

Oh. Jeez. I never thought of that. It would explain many things … Read the rest