We decided to take out the word “women”

Oh has it indeed.


What could be more “inclusive” than removing women from everything?

From the (sorry) Daily Mail article:

A gynaecological health charity has taken the step to remove ‘women’ from its brand name in a bid to be more inclusive of transgender men and non-binary people and  ‘create an awareness of barriers for others’.

Because it’s women, you see. Women are not allowed to create awareness of barriers for women: that would be selfish and unwomanly, because women are required to put others first at all times.

Cysters in Birmingham has chosen to ‘cultivate a community that is supportive’ by changing its registered name from ‘Cysters – Women’s Support and Awareness Group’ to ‘Cysters’. 

Nice name; it sounds like an oozing infection.

The non-profit organisation, which was created by its founder Neelam Heera in 2015 to help tackle issues around reproductive help, hopes the move will allow people with different gender identities feel more included.

While women feel less included. Cool.

Founder Neelam Heera explained that the charity aimed to strip away the barriers that trans and non-binary people were left facing when it came to being able to access support for chronic reproductive illnesses. 

As opposed to the barriers women face.

Heera performed the usual Twitter ritual, telling “transphobes” to shut up and take it.

An anonymous non-binary person welcomed the change after struggling with a diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis since they were 23. 

The 25-year-old said: ‘Ever since I got diagnosed with PCOS and Endo, I have searched for a space that is not branded with the colour pink, solely about fertility, and labelled both diseases as a ‘womans issue’.

I hate the whole women=pink thing myself, but I also don’t recall seeing much of it in medical settings. Is it really so obtrusive that it necessitates restructuring everything to omit women?

‘Trans men and non-binary people already struggle in silence with so many issues, our reproductive health should not be another door shut to us.

But the door isn’t shut. Not being mentioned by a chosen label is not the same thing as a closed door.

‘Cysters was the first place that I saw a post that used the words ‘anyone who gets a period’. It meant the world to me to have the same information presented in a more gender neutral way.

‘It was so welcoming, and I finally felt included in a conversation about my own health and my own pain, without feeling dysphoric, or like I was reading information for someone else.

“Finally, some recognition for my precious narcissism.”

However not everyone was supportive of the move and BBC journalist Cath Leng tweeted: ‘You’ve erased women here.’

Women should do their own self-erasing, yeah?

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