All in favor

Oh yes, it’s all about the waves.

Meaning, presumably, that “second wave” feminists (you know, the old stupid out of date washed up wrong boring ones) are all opposed to trans rights.

But what “rights” are we talking about?

It matters, because the gender critical feminists I know are not opposed to trans rights, meaning, the human rights that all people have. What we’re opposed to is the new version of “rights” that includes a mythical right to have one’s personal self-definitions, no matter how counter-factual, accepted and endorsed and “validated” by the rest of the world, with no exceptions and no limitations.

But we don’t see that as being opposed to trans rights, because we don’t see that as a genuine right at all, but more like an abusers’ charter.

But Ronson, embarrassingly, just tosses the undefined “trans rights” label out there and announces that we are not in favor of them. I would expect him to be able to think more carefully than that.

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