Spam spam and spam

Sorry I’m a little quiet. You can thank the spambot, for one thing – it deposits comments (porn ads) on an old N&C, and I have to remove them. The number of comments has been steadily rising; it doubled between yesterday and today. Yesterday I had 8 pages to delete, today it’s 18. It’s a slow process – click ‘check all,’ click ‘delete,’ then wait, then click yes, then wait; repeat. 17 times. It’s slow, because I don’t have broadband. I can do other things at the same time, but it’s jerky and interrupted. Deleting 18 pages takes a very long time.

Anyway, it’s just as well for me to be quieter. I’ve learned that JS has to pay more the more I talk. It had been my understanding that B&W didn’t increase costs, but that was wrong. I have to find some skeptical organization or other that would like to affiliate with B&W and bankroll it in the process. (I tried to insist that I was the one who should pay, but I got nowhere.)

202 spam comments left to delete. 7 pages. More than half finished. That’s only an hour wasted.

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