Honourable motives


The country’s powerful Islamic parties and leaders are resisting reform of a law that sanctions lenient punishments for those found guilty of so-called honour killings. Article 111 of the Iraqi penal code – passed in 1969 – allows a lesser punishment for the killing of women if the male defendants are found to have had “honourable motives”…Acting minister of state for women’s affairs Narmin Othman is leading a campaign to change the Ba’ath-era law. She is pushing for parliament to ditch the honour killings statute, so that men accused of such crimes are prosecuted for murder…United Iraqi Alliance MP Qais al-Ameri argued that honour crimes are permitted under sharia, or Islamic law. “Illicit sex is the most dangerous thing in a society, and there should be severe punishments against those who practice it.”…Iraqi Accord Front MP Hashim al-Taee said that he also supported the current honour crimes law because it is based on sharia.

Oh well if it’s allowed under sharia, there’s nothing more to be said. Archbishop of Canterbury please note.

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