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Theistic moral reasoning.

Suppose the Nazis are out looking for Jews, and they ask you where some Jews are, and you know – what do you do? Do you lie, or do you say ‘yes, I know, they’re in the cellar at number 22 Goethestrasse’? Well let’s think about it, says Bodie Hodge of Answers in Genesis. Jesus said (Mark 12:28-31) that the first commandment is to love God and the second is to love your neighbor, so the first trumps the second (because Jesus said so Mark 12:28-31).

Jesus tells us that all the commandments can be summed up into these two statements. But of these two, the first is to love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. So, this would trump the second. Our actions toward God should trump our actions toward men…If we love God, we should obey Him (John 14:15). To love God first means to obey Him first—before looking at our neighbor. So, is the greater good trusting God when He says not to lie or trusting in our fallible, sinful minds about the uncertain future?

And the answer is, as the framing of the question may have already hinted, that the greater good is trusting God and telling the Nazis where the Jews are.

Which means, apart from everything else it means (which is a lot – one could expatiate on the meaning of this claim for hundreds of pages), that Bodie Hodge is so blind and so indoctrinated and so obtuse that he is willing to tell other people to trust that some words in a very old book are the uncontaminated unaltered undoctored trustworthy words of a god and that it is safe to let them trump the protection of human beings from mass murder. That fact all by itself is simply terrifying – even before you get to questions about why anyone would trust a god who would expect them to act that way. Bodie Hodge apparently can’t even imagine even for an instant that he and his fellow believers actually have no way of knowing that any particular book is the authentic unaltered word of ‘God’ and therefore should be very cautious about obeying instructions to do things that in any other context would be the utmost wickedness. That fact by itself makes Bodie Hodge an object of horror.

This is what makes religion so horribly dangerous – it’s this conviction that one knows what one doesn’t know, and the failure to realize that, and act accordingly. It’s this loathsome, ruthless, armored certainty, which is avowedly and proudly not about trying to do one’s best for other human beings.

We’re always being accused, we ‘new’ atheists, of wanting to eradicate all religion (and sometimes of wanting to eradicate all believers), but I think most of us don’t want that. But I think most of us decidedly do want to eradicate that kind of certainty. Bodie Hodge makes our reasons very obvious.

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