Using highly abrasive language

The twins are back with a vengeance. They are worse than ever. It is as if they have swallowed some terrible slow-acting Kool-aid that is dissolving their brains in tiny increments. Where will they be by October?! Curled on the floor drooling?

It’s the same old thing, only worse – the sequiturs more non, the rhetoric more cranked up and deceptive, the petulance and finger-pointing more brazen.

…assault on their faith…straight into a world of moral depravity and meaninglessness…in-your-face atheist touting evolution…unending polarization around evolution and religion…

Pause to note that Mooney and Kirshenbaum themselves are working energetically and overtime to foster and increase the very ‘unending polarization’ they complain of.

…no tolerating nonscientific beliefs…attack and belittle religious believers, sometimes using highly abrasive language…moderate scientists…the hallowed institutions of American science…politically, spiritually and practically they see no need to fight…regularly blasted for it by the New Atheists…the atheist biologist Jerry Coyne has drawn much attention by assaulting the center’s Faith Project…Coyne is once again following the lead of Dawkins…denounces the NCSE…

Then they finish up by giving in inaccurate account of Charles Darwin’s reply to Edward Aveling then telling us (‘the New Atheists’) we ‘ought to deeply consider’ the difference between Darwin and Dawkins. ?! Why ought we? We don’t belong to the church of either one of them. We know how to think all by ourselves without any training wheels. Mooney and Kirshenbaum cannot say as much.

Update: I’m still banned from commenting on their site. Last time they just left my comments in ‘moderation’ forever, but this time they’ve simply deleted them (after first trapping them in moderation). They’re a sleazy pair.

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