I’m all Desmond Tutu this morning

The story partly told in Flaming Out was concluded yesterday.  The “Will” who did a truculent notpology on Sunday evening, and then spent the next three days reading the reactions of the people he had targeted, gave it up and did a real apology, and answered questions, and explained without trying to explain away or evade or blame. He feels extremely crappy about it, crappy enough to abandon all the defensive self-justifying other-blaming nonsense he did before.

So that’s over. And he’s obviously nothing to do with Kees/Bernie Ranson. And he’s not “Signal,” either, so I got that wrong, so I apologized to Signal. I apologize to Ben Nelson, too, for interrupting his conversation with Signal as well as for being wrong about him. By that time I was feeling very targeted, and paranoia took over.

I’m very glad it ended this way rather than the way it appeared to have ended Sunday and Monday. Truth and Reconciliation kind of thing. It really is better. I don’t mind being permanently furious at the pope, because that’s right and proper, but I mind very much feeling furious at some Unknown on teh internetz, because that’s just nonsense.

The other thing is that I get to stop thinking there is some malevolent obsessed agent out there with a sustained project of maligning me. There’s just a young guy who got carried away and feels crappy about it and sees how the wheels came off. What a relief.

Okay; that’s the end of me being all reach outy.

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