Leo Igwe

Leo Igwe and his father were arrested this morning.

The police team was led by Dr Edward Uwa the university leacturer who raped a ten year old student Miss Daberechi Anongam…About three years ago, Dr Uwa invited Ms Daberechi Anongam to do some house chores for him and forced her to bed, covering her mouth and raped her. She sustained several injuries in her private part. Leo Igwe and his family members led an intensive campaign for justice for Ms Daberechi. After a lot of intrigues,the police now started a prosecution on the matter at Ahiazu magistrate court Imo State. Since then, Leo Igwe and his family have known no peace as several pettitions have been written against them to intimidate them to submission and to abandon the struggle for justice.

Now they’ve been accused of murdering someone – someone who died of AIDS some time ago.

Fortunately, Leo and his father have now been released on bail, but they’re obviously still vulnerable to being framed. Attention must be paid.

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