That seminar

The audio of the Humanisterna seminar in Stockholm has been posted. The first part is pretty cringe-worthy – I find that my way of playing for time is not a Caroline Kennedy level of “you know”s (though I do say it now and then), but the simpler expedient of repeating most of my words two or three times. That’s intelligent.

Well what the hell, you know? You have to figure out how the sentence is going to end and you need time to do that, so rather than just fall silent for a few seconds, obviously it’s much better to say this this this and then proceed. Right? Sure.

But I had just put in 19 hours of travel, after all; I was talking after having been up all night in an uncomfortable position in bad air watching a bad movie, so what can one expect? It gets better after the opening remarks, when Sara asks me questions. That’s Sara Larsson you hear (if you listen). She’s an editor at Fri Tanke and at Sans, the Humanisterna magazine. I’ve asked her to do a diary for B&W and she has said she will, when time allows.

 I haven’t listened to all of it yet – I don’t know if it includes the audience questions part. I hope so; they were lively questions, and interesting.

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