The least of these

Would you believe it – Gordon Brown is saying Catholicism is often the conscience of the UK. He’s saying it in a new magazine with the rebarbative title “Faith Today.” He’s also spitting on secularism while he’s about it.

Asked if religious faith is essentially “a private, personal pursuit” or has a role in the wider community, he says: “Our common realm is not and cannot be stripped of values – I absolutely reject the idea that religion should somehow be tolerated but not encouraged in public life. Our equality bill is specifically designed to protect religion and belief on exactly the same terms as race or gender or sexuality.”

God, what a dog’s breakfast. First he conflates religion with values, then he emphatically rejects secularism, then he puts religion and belief in the same category as the unwilled qualities of race and gender and sexuality. Vote Labour, vote for theocracy!

“I welcome the role that people of faith play in building Britain’s future – and the Catholic communion in particular is to be congratulated for so often being the conscience of our country, for helping ‘the least of these’ even when bearing witness to the truth is hard or unpopular.”

Total, pure, unadulterated bullshit. Could not possibly be more wrong. Flat opposite of what is the case. The ‘Catholic communion’ in particular has (in case there was any lingering doubt) been decisively revealed for throwing ‘the least of these’ to the wolves for the sake of its own reputation and ability to tell everyone else what to do, for decade upon decade upon decade. ‘The least of these’ are exactly the people the ‘Catholic communion’ has been defecating all over in Ireland for generations. ‘The least of these’ are, precisely, single mothers who lack money and status and so were imprisoned and enslavedand deprived of their own children in Magdalen laundries. ‘The least of these’ are the children of the poor and the unmarried who were imprisoned and enslaved in industrial ‘schools,’ there to be called names and humiliated and deprived and tormented in every way possible by the fucking Catholic communion. ‘The least of these’ are the children who were raped by priests and then if they complained were threatened and bullied into silence. Where does Gordon Brown get the colossal gall to call ‘the Catholic communion’ any kind of conscience? How brutally obtuse can you get? You might as well call the Mafia ‘the conscience of our country.’

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