I point to X and I point to Y. That’s all.

Carl Zimmer has (with help from Susan Greenfield) created a new Twitter meme.

The neuroscientist Susan Greenfield has for several years been saying “Look out! The internet will rewire your brain.”

She warns that Twitter is turning us into social cripples. When asked for evidence, she either points to papers that provide no support for her sweeping claims, or says that we shouldn’t wait for evidence. Her claims positively hum with contradiction. In order to make new technologies seem truly sinister, she ends up getting nostalgic about television.

She has, too.

When I was a kid, television was the centre of the home, rather like the Victorian piano was.

That made me yell with laughter – the tv as a fireplace.

Carl continues:

Yesterday, The Guardian followed up with an interview with Greenfield, in which she defended herself against such attacks. Along the way, one of the things she said finally rewired my brain into a seizure:
“I point to the increase in autism and I point to internet use. That’s all.”
Which drove me to Twitter, to sum up the ridiculousness of such a statement in 140 characters or less:
I point to the increase in esophageal cancer and I point to The Brady Bunch. That’s all. #greenfieldism

And others joined in.

I point to Alzheimer’s and I point to cheese doodles. That’s all. #greenfieldism

Try your own!

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