The real bullies

Let’s take a look at who is really being bullied and shouted into silence. Let’s take a look at a case where in real life

the mob arrives; insults are flung around; the character flaws, motivations, psychological makeup, etc., of the original [dissident] are dissected at length

and a high school kid is disowned and thrown out of the house by his parents for attempting to stop his public high school from having an unconstitutional official prayer at graduation.

A student’s public prayer at a pre-graduation “Class Night” event was turned into an opportunity for the school and community to gang up on Fowler and publicly close ranks against him — teachers as well as students. (Here’s video).

Check out that video. This isn’t a blog post; this isn’t a set of comments on a blog post; this is an auditorium full of people baying their majoritarian triumph at a lone student who in fact has the law on his side. This is a real example of “we can mobilise large numbers of people and use scorn in order to communicate our “community’s” disapproval of a particular kind of “harmful” behaviour.”

Why are there so many secular liberals so eager to pretend that the worst bullies and majoritarian silencers around are atheists when in the real flesh and blood world (and the online world too, in fact) this kind of thing has us beat by orders of magnitude?

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