A damning indictment on our anti-refugee sentiment

Maajid also defended Charlie Hebdo against new accusations of “Islamophobia” in a public Facebook post:

New Charlie Hebdo cartoons about Aylan Kurdi are causing online “Islamophobia” outrage:

Fellow Muslims, please, if you don’t get satire just *ask* someone before assuming an intelligent left-wing satirical magazine isn’t … satire.

Taste is always in the eye of the beholder. But these cartoons are a damning indictment on our anti-refugee sentiment.

The McDonald’s image is a searing critique of heartless European consumerism in the face of one of the worst human tragedies of our times.

The image about Christians walking on water while Muslims drown is (so obviously) critiquing hypocritical European Christian “love”.

Fellow Muslims, not everything and everyone are against us, every time. But if we keep assuming they are by reacting like this, they will surely become so.

Maajid linked to an article by Aziz Allilou in Morocco World News:

Eight months after the terroristic attack that hit its headquarters in Paris in January, the French satirical magazine is back to the spotlight with a new controversial set of cartoons.

Hiding behind the freedom of speech, Charilie Hebdo made fun of the death of Aylan Kurdi, who was found dead recently on a Turkish beach, in two offensive drawings.

No no no no, Charlie Hebdo did not make fun of Aylan Kurdi’s death, it mocked (to excoriate) the priorities of well-fed Europeans.

first drawing

Welcome to refugees!

So close to the goal…

On the sign: Promo! 2 kids’ meals for the price of one.

I can see thinking it’s not cool to use a cartoon of Aylan Kurdi to make the point, but I have a hard time understand anyone thinking the cartoon is mocking him. It’s a very raw joke; it’s not one I would make; but it’s not a joke at Aylan Kurdi’s expense.

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