And how old is this ‘kid’?

I was running around outside most of last week so I didn’t see Dawkins’s latest adventures in publicly chastising a 14-year-old boy for saying he “made” a clock when he didn’t really “make” a clock in the strictest sense of “making” something. I’ve seen some of his previous adventures in that exciting field, and blogged about some of those, but I missed the latest, in which he really outdid himself. He outdid himself by such a margin that CNN took the trouble to report on it.

Eminent British scientist Richard Dawkins has drawn criticism on social media for what some say is an unfair comparison between Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas teenager whose school project was mistaken for a bomb, and a young ISIS killer.

But Dawkins says he was merely drawing a parallel between their ages.

“HORRIFIED anyone thinks I could POSSIBLY liken Ahmed to a killer,” Dawkins said in a tweet Wednesday. “My ONLY point of comparison was their AGES: kids not immune to criticism.”

Yes. You know…it’s striking how many of these HORRIFIED anyone thinks he could POSSIBLY whatever it was that time, and that one, and that one, tweets he’s tweeted. He’s tweeted very many of them. He’s always finding himself having to tweet these all-caps horrified corrections. Wouldn’t you think he would spot the pattern, and correct for it? Wouldn’t you think it would dawn on him that people keep getting his meaning wrong, and that might not be solely because people are stupid? That he might be phrasing them clumsily? That in his eagerness to be provocative and witty, he often comes off just being rude?

Wouldn’t you think he could go back and look at that tweet again and realize that it does look as if he were saying what so many thought he was saying?

Or is that just me?

Dawkins, a leading voice in the atheist movement, was reacting to news that the Mohamed family was demanding $15 million in damages and an apology from city and school officials in Irving, Texas, over their treatment of the teen.

In September, the 14-year-old, who is Muslim, was detained, questioned and hauled off in handcuffs after bringing a handmade clock to school, which a teacher thought could have been a bomb.

“Don’t call him ‘clock boy’ since he never made a clock. Hoax Boy, having hoaxed his way into the White House, now wants $15M in addition!” Dawkins tweeted Tuesday.

Dawkins has been calling Ahmed “Hoax Boy” for weeks. It’s exceptionally obnoxious. Ahmed is fourteen. I flatly don’t believe he decided to devise a cunning plan to get invited to the White House for a brief visit, and that fiddling with a clock was that plan. I think a grown man, an Oxford academic, a best-selling author, should not be labeling him “Hoax Boy” in that childish and nasty way.

The evolutionary biologist has been vocal in his belief that the case — which made Ahmed a cause célèbre, prompted the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed to trend, and led to a personal invitation to the White House from President Barack Obama — was a “hoax.”

He has repeatedly insisted that Ahmed did not make a clock but rather “took a clock out of its case and put it in a box,” and has questioned the teen’s motives in doing so.

And repeatedly called him “Hoax Boy” – on Twitter, where he has 1.2 million followers.

And then he did even worse than that.

When Twitter users chided the 74-year-old scientist for “picking on a kid,” he responded by tweeting a link to a news story about a child ISIS killer.

“‘But he’s only a kid.’ Yes, a ‘kid’ old enough to sue for $15M those whom he hoaxed. And how old is this ‘kid’?” tweeted Dawkins, linking to a story about a young ISIS killer beheading a victim.

Photo published for Isis: Shocking video shows Islamic State child executioner beheading victim

And then he was surprised and HORRIFIED that people thought he was comparing Ahmed to the kid in the photo.

Me, I’m horrified that Dawkins is still on Twitter.

And there’s more. The story goes on. People protested and Dawkins responded in his usual clueless and belligerent way, and it’s enough to make you want to eject your lunch.

He’s mean; that’s all there is to it. He’s a mean bastard, and Twitter gives him a place to take his meanness out for exercise, and that’s what he does. Apparently nothing will convince him this is not a clever or useful or productive thing to do.

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