Blood coming out of her wherever

Good lord. Credulity defied yet again. Donald Trump’s idea of a good way to respond to persistent questions from a tv news presenter who has the bad taste to be a woman is to talk about her bleeding all over everything.

Trump is under fire for saying Friday night that [Megyn] Kelly, who pressed him on his previous attacks on women during Thursday night’s GOP presidential debate, had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her — wherever.”

Yeah that’s women for you – we’re just so damn wet and leaky. It’s gross.

The NY Times has more.

Megyn Kelly opened her Fox News program on Monday night by addressing the uproar overDonald J. Trump’s personal attacks on her, her first comments since he made a remark that many interpreted as a reference to her menstrual cycle.

Her “menstrual cycle”? Don’t be silly, Times. He wasn’t talking about her “cycle.” He was talking about the ooky gross chunk-filled blood that comes out of her several days each month. He was talking about blood and endometrial tissue. He was talking about how gross and disgusting women are. He was shouting out to the dregs of humanity who agree with him about how gross and disgusting women are.

She said she would not respond directly to any of Mr. Trump’s numerous insults and disparaging statements about her.

Mr. Trump and many of his supporters have unleashed a social media assault against Ms. Kelly and Fox News since she asked him pointed questions about his descriptions of women as pigs, dogs and slobs.

In the days since the debate, he has taken to Twitter and appeared on numerous news programs to mock her and question her professionalism — a tactic he often uses against people who find themselves on his bad side.

And when it’s a woman, well, he has the extra advantage that he can talk about how gross and disgusting she is.


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