Arrest them all

Arifur Rahman updates us on what Bangladesh is doing about the relentless attacks on secular bloggers.

Following the killing of Niloy, Bangladesh Olama League (a Islamist wing of Bangladesh Awami League, the party running the government now) have showed rage against Atheists openly in the capital. They then demanded law to be formed which will have provision of ‘Death Penalty’ for Atheistic writings. Among many other inhumane demands, they wanted all blogs having Athiestic writing to be shut down.

And they’re getting what they want.

The chief of police in Dhaka said this:

At a press briefing at the Police Headquarters on Sunday, he also suggested notifying police if anyone’s blog was found to be offensive to religions.

“There will always be free thinkers. I have enough respect for them. But we need to remember that hurting religious sentiments is a crime according to our law.

“Any offender of religious beliefs may get the highest punishment of 14 years (in jail).”

He’s saying atheist bloggers should be reported to the police. Not protected by the police, but reported to them.

Then the Ministers:

Following the press briefing of the Police Chief, a number of government Ministers in a Law and order meeting held at the ministry for home affairs unanimously agreed to arrest anyone writing in a manner that could defame religion.

Not the murderers – the bloggers. Arrest them. Of course if the murderers hack them to death first, there’s no need to arrest them.

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