Changing the subject again

Amy Poehler has a thing I didn’t know about, called Smart Girls. As part of that, she has this highly appealing video in which two women – who say they are each other’s fiancées – explain about female bodies, starting with menstruation. I wish I could be besties with both of them. Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher, they’re called.

Good, right? Great idea?

Most commenters on the Facebook post about it think so, but there’s an exception.

Hey Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. I think you are doing a great job empowering cisgender girls–but that’s about where it stops. All kids with vaginas, breasts, or any of the parts that you refer to as “the female bod,” deserve to be empowered and well educated about their bodies.

Bodies are not as simple as “female” and “male” and neither is gender. And it is harmful to teach children (especially girls) that they are a sum of their genitals. (i.e. that a certain genital configuration=female. that is outdated and hurtful)

This post equates womanhood with vagina– and that is very hurtful to trans girls. It is also hurtful to intersex kids, trans boys, and nonbinary trans kids. Body parts and gender are both spectrums.

I think you do a great amount of work, but I really think you could make a stronger effort to include (rather than isolate and exclude) all kinds of underprivileged genders–girls, trans kids, and intersex kids. These kids deserve to learn about their bodies too.

Same old shit – stop talking about girls, stop telling girls about their bodies.

H/t Jen

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