Does everybody worship?

A Twitter conversation between Irshad Manji and Salman Rushdie.

Irshad ‏@IrshadManji
There’s no such thing as #atheism. Everybody worships. Our only choice is what to worship. ~ David Foster Wallace:

Salman Rushdie ‏@SalmanRushdie Sep 6

Wrong. Sorry. Just wrong.

.@SalmanRushdie “Just wrong”? Such absolutism has a name: dogma.

Well, no, not unless that were the sum total of the reply at all times and in all media. As a reply on Twitter it doesn’t amount to dogma.

And announcing that “everybody worships” is pretty dogmatic anyway. No, everybody doesn’t worship. I don’t think I do anything that could be called worship, for example. Worship is a specifically religious word, naming a religious emotion and attitude, and I’m pretty sure I avoid and repudiate it.

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