It is the mindset of gender inequality

I’ve written before about Leslee Udwin’s interviews with the men who raped Jyoti Singh and pulled her intestines out on that Delhi bus in 2012. But here’s another sample, from NPR:

They play a clip from Udwin’s film, then the interviewer asks Udwin about it:

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: A lady are more precious than a gem, than a diamond. It is up to you how you want to keep that diamond in your hand. If you put your diamond on the street, certainly the dog will take it out. You can’t stop.

MARTIN: So what is he saying?

UDWIN: Well, essentially, he is giving expression to patriarchy. He is saying that men hold this diamond – this precious gem of womankind – in their hand. They control it. It’s their decision as to where they put this diamond. If you put it on the street, he’s saying, you deserve what you get. Keep your girls and women under lock and key at home. Give them no independence. Give them no equality. It’s just appalling.

Keep them under lock and key, and if they outrageously and criminally escape and go outside, punish them by raping them and pulling out their intestines.

MARTIN: Is there something in the making of this film that particularly surprised you?

UDWIN: So many things surprised me, Michel. First of all, I imagined that at least one of these seven rapists I interviewed would express remorse for even one second. No, they did not- no remorse. Why? Because they deep down really don’t believe they’ve done anything wrong. In fact, they’re indignant. Why are they be made an example of when everybody’s at it?

Then I expected them to be monsters. I thought I was inquiring into the psychopathy of rapists because the media had told me they were monsters. I wish they had been. Every one of these rapists was as normal as they come. It is the mindset of gender inequality that is responsible for rape and violence against women. These are just the symptoms, and until we change that, this will continue apace across the entire world.

While we watch helplessly.

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