Maryam at Goldsmiths

Here is the video of Maryam’s talk at Goldsmiths on Monday. Now we can see for ourselves what actually happened.

I’ve watched 25 minutes so far.

At 9 minutes a guy in the front row all in black including a wool cap gets up to take photos of the audience.

At 11:30 there are snickers and mutterings when Maryam mentions the murders of atheist bloggers in Bangladesh.

At 12 two guys in the front row start objecting to being filmed; Maryam tells them to stop talking or get out, the ASH guy who introduced her tells them questions will be at the end, they keep talking and shouting. The noisiest guy, in a grey flat cap, has the gall to say to Maryam: “Stop intimidating me, you’re intimidating me.”

At 14 six women get up and walk out.

At 15 there is complete chaos.

From 20 to 25+ things quiet down and Maryam gets to talk, although someone is emitting scornful whistles at a few points.



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