Model arguments

I was going to leave it there, but then I clicked on the “more comments” button and there are so many that are so horrific I’m going to add a few more. Pink News on Facebook flagging up its own story on something Germaine Greer said about trans women.

Scott Sherman Cocker spaniel? I never thought she was as pretty as a dog, nor as kind are loyal. Will somebody please tell this irrelevant cunt to shut up

Hellen Back Lets have Mz Greer put to sleep shall we.

Lucinda Ferguson miserable cow , getting paid for being miserable and stupid

Nicholas Marshall
to be fair.. she does look like a dog… woof woof

Kevin Oliver I’ve said it before. She was worth listening to 50 years ago. Now she has nothing to say and spends far too much time saying it. She’s little more than a geriatric Katie Hopkins.

Christina Engela …she could call herself a ‘bitch’. She should.

Darren Lee Layton Hurry up and die you wretched waste of oxygen and space.

Huw Williams you could also call yourself an ugly cunt who talks shite

Dave Edwards
What a foul, bitter old hag!!!!!

Don Joiner She will say anything about anything as long as she sees her name in the press Tired worn out old HAG

Mikey Mcmahon Sure you can… and I can call you a sad old cunt, but only I’d be right!

And more of the same, and then it devolves into mostly one-word blurts – bitch! hag! cunt!

Because these guys are all so very progressive.

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