“She looks like a flea ridden old bitch anyway!”

One thing about the peculiar, fraught, often venomous politics of trans activism – sometimes it just looks like nothing but a “progressive” excuse for vomiting out torrents of misogynist abuse just like the horribly familiar trolls who haunt our blog comments and Twitter feeds.

An example: a public Facebook post by Pink News yesterday linking to a Pink News story on Germaine Greer:

She compared trans women to claiming you’re a dog.

Germaine Greer on trans women: I could call myself a Cocker Spaniel
Feminist author Germaine Greer has continued to defend her anti-trans…

There are 223 comments as of this moment. Many of them are indistinguishable from bog-standard misogynist abuse.

Mikey Mcmahon I’d be happy to treat her like one in any case. The sick old dog needs putting down.

Steven Powell If Germaine Greer thinks that having a fully functioning vagina is what defines a woman, she is absolutely not a feminist.

Donn Spanninga Steenkist But Bitch, you can claim you are a cocker spaniel but you will never ever feel like one….though I DO think you are a dog….

Dave Basora May want to rethink that. Dogs are mans best friend. Is she?

Donn Spanninga Steenkist True!! Ok….errrmmm…. I think she’s a cunt!! That better??

August Phoenix The old bitch must be really craving publicity to come out with such inane comments.
Problem is she was out of touch by the 80s and can’t handle that
Go back home and raise kangaroos, they might want to listen to you.
Of more concern is the bbc getting more and more anti lgbt. Ought to be made a pay as you go channel. Then it might have to face reality instead of its pathetic line up of programmes.

Jodie Martin She’d be closer if she called herself a c**t! You can convert to Judaism and it would take more than a fur coat to trans into a dog. Is she out of her fucking mind?

Donn Spanninga Steenkist It’s menopause lol!!

Christiaan De Wet Cocker spaniel = bitch? Lol, that seems to be what i want to call someone that is so closed minded.

Nicky Hann Shes just an old ignorant women, where lgbt in her decades were prosecuted and not talked about.

Michael Bonham Carter Ignore her. Just as we all do. A pointless women that has only ever lived in world that all goes on in her own head.

Gabby Nowten she could call herself a cocker spaniel but she would be better off calling herself what everyone else does

Matthew Thatcher Well she is a dog and a c*nt but who cares, at one point thought she was a drag queen !!!

Nico De Bruin Freud would have something to say. COCKer Spaniel? A touch of penis envy perhaps?

Sissi NorthQueen This hideous b***h would pale and cry in front of some incredibly beautiful and xxtimes more feminine than herself transwomen and I like the “political” statement of men who want to quit the ranks of their “look-at-my-dick” peers…

Owain Pritchard Well. She would be welcome to call herself a Cocker Spaniel. After all, she looks like a flea ridden old bitch anyway!

That’s just from the first 50.

Imagine Jesse Jackson said what Greer said. Do you suppose people would post flamingly racist comments on Pink News’s wall in response? I don’t know the answer, because it’s a hypothetical, but I sure as hell doubt it. I don’t recall seeing any racist attacks on Bill Cosby as the news started to come out – and you’d think actual rape would be quite a lot more serious and anger-inducing than having the wrong opinion on trans women is.

But somehow loathing of women becomes instantly respectable if she has the wrong opinion on trans women.

I wonder why that is…

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