Officers were asked to look into the ‘Dames on the Run’ race

From the Telegraph:

A charity fun run that invited men to dress up as women is being investigated by police after a transgender charity claimed the dress code constituted a hate crime.

Officers were asked to look into the ‘Dames on the Run’ race – where men run dressed as women to raise funds for a children’s hospice – by a transsexual support group.

Chrysalis Transsexual Support Groups say the five kilometre run, organised by Derian House Children’s Hospice, in Chorley, Lancashire, is “dehumanising”.

Dehumanizing? It’s dehumanizing to wear clothes that are perceived as being for the “opposite” sex? So have I spent my entire life dehumanizing, because I hate skirts and never wear them?

Have we gone full circle now, such that it’s “a hate crime” to wear the “wrong” clothes for one’s assigned or not-assigned gender? Are we now going to start bashing men who dress too girly? Are we going to police how well people match their clothes to their official gender with more rigor than we’ve seen since about 1890?

Steph Holmes, of Chrysalis, said: “We get enough confusion with the word transgender, which mixes us up with transvestites.

“Transvestites certainly don’t dress for comic purposes and I don’t get up in the morning and think ‘what can I put on today to give people a laugh?’

“This race pokes fun at cross-dressing and, by association, us, reducing us to objects to be laughed at.

“Dehumanising us this way gives carte blanche to those that would do us physical harm, much like the gay bashers of old.

“It’s a small step from ridicule to persecution. The current stats suggest a 34 per cent chance of beaten up, raped or killed for being trans. We do not need to give the bigots any more ammunition.”

Is that true? Does a fun run in which some men dress in what are considered “women’s clothes” give ammunition to bigots? Does it cause persecution of trans people? Does it give carte blanche to people who would beat up or kill trans people?

I don’t see the connection, myself.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “As a children’s hospice, we deal with highly sensitive and emotive issues all the time and would never have considered organising a fundraising event that might cause upset or offence.

“Dames on the Run was conceived as a fun event, drawing on the much-loved Pantomime Dame character that is part of our theatrical heritage and supported by hundreds of thousands of people in every year.”

It’s true. The pantomime Dame is a real thing there. I’ve always found it somewhat sexist, in a mild sort of way, but also just theatrical and music hall-ish and quirky and not worth worrying about.

But sexism – meh, who cares about that, it’s only women. But when it’s trans women? That’s totally different.


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