“Pro-life” death threats

Of course. The #ShoutYourAbortion campaign has provided yet another pretext for threateners to threaten.

The goal, according to Amelia Bonow, 30, who posted on Facebook on Sept. 19 that she had had an abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Seattle last year, was to encourage women who have kept their abortions secret to speak up — in an effort to reframe the debate on the subject.

“A shout is not a celebration or a value judgment, it’s the opposite of a whisper, of silence,” Ms. Bonow said in an interview. “Even women who support abortion rights have been silent, and told they were supposed to feel bad about having an abortion.”

But less than two weeks after she and a friend, Lindy West, created the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion on Twitter, Ms. Bonow’s building name has been made public, and she has temporarily left her apartment, bothered by angry tweets wishing her dead.

Bothered by? No. People don’t leave their apartments because they’re “bothered by” something. Death threats are not just a “bother.” She left her apartment for safety reasons.

The effort went viral and drew more than 150,000 tweets, showing how volatile and emotional an issue abortion still is four decades after the Supreme Court declared it legal.

And while godbotherers and legislators are straining every nerve to make abortion unobtainable.

While the campaign was started in response to the Republicans, the organizers were also challenging the traditional Democratic mantra first articulated by President Bill Clinton, and repeated by Hillary Rodham Clinton and President Obama — that abortion should be safe, legal and rare.

Exactly. So typical of Democrats, to spit on the left and give everything away to the right.

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