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A sample…

Professor Food ‏@hossain_food Nov 19
#ExMuslimBecause I was tired of trying to fit inside a box that was never made for me.

Aliyah Saleem ‏@Ali_Jones89 Nov 19
#ExMuslimBecause I don’t believe that there is any evidence for God’s existence. Can’t be a Muslim if you don’t believe in a creator…

Milad Jama ‏@MiladJama Nov 19
#ExMuslimBecause I can’t believe in a God who roasts humanity bc they don’t believe he whispered to a guy by proxy 1400 years ago

#ExMuslimBecause As a Black African I cannot support a prophet who actively took slaves of any color.

Yazeed ‏@DudeInDistress Nov 19
#ExMuslimBecause I can’t follow a “prophet” who raped a Jewish girl the same day he killed her husband, father and brother in front of her.

Ani J. Sharmin ‏@AniSharmin Nov 19
#ExMuslimBecause I didn’t want to follow a religion that told me I have to read the holy book in a language I don’t know.

Imran Said ‏@MalayBoy97 Nov 19
#ExMuslimBecause there’s a scary amount of people out there who think punishing people for apostasy and blasphemer is perfectly acceptable.

Muhammad Syed ‏@MoTheAtheist Nov 21
#ExMuslimBecause Mohammed was an atheist and blasphemer to Allat, Hubal, Mannat etc. I’m just extending his practice to one more god Allah

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