She knows betrayal when she sees it

An #ExMuslimBecause tweet from November 20 and [updated] yesterday:

Ex-Muslims Forum ‏@CEMB_forum Nov 20
Sent to us to tweet anonymously by an #ExMuslim woman who is afraid to speak up openly. #ExMuslimBecause

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Ex-Muslim Because:

My Dad, the sheikh said:

“There’s no such thing as rape in marriage, in Islam, you’re a liar.”

When I’d asked him to tell the man he’d married me off to at 17 to stop raping me. My own Dad!

 And the new photo yesterday:

#ExMuslimBecause cultural relativists like @goldfemsoc @lgbtqgold won’t silence us. Message from an #ExMuslim woman.

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 Message from a
closeted Ex-Muslim woman
to the people running
Goldsmiths “Feminist Society”
& “LGBTQ Society”.
Via @CEMB Forum

I know betrayal by those who should know better when I see it.

@goldfemsoc, @lgbtqgold, I’m looking at you! You traitors!

Shame on you, we won’t be silenced.

“Intersectional”, my arse, you fucking hypocrites.


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