The decision to cancel

The Auckland University Students’ Association’s Womenfest started today.

They have this note on their Facebook page for the event:

★ ★ ★ NOTE ★ ★ ★

Following the recent comments on the Womensfest schedule, and consultation with members of the trans community at the University of Auckland, we have made the decision to cancel the ‘Vagina Cupcakes’ and will not be continuing with ‘Pussytails’ at our ‘Reclaim Shadows’ Closing Party. We have also decided to disable posts on this event, after the invasion of the previous event by people seeking to make it unsafe for the trans and queer community. Anyone who wishes to engage with AUSA constructively on Womensfest are welcome to contact us at

So there you go. Feminist women aren’t allowed to talk frankly about their bodies at the Womensfest event.

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