We are labelled prudes and “pearl clutchers”

Julie Bindel points out the undeniable: that the endless campaign to no-platform mouthy women is an anti-feminist move.

Lies and smears against radical feminists and allies who name male violence as the key way in which we are oppressed are nothing new. We are labelled prudes and “pearl clutchers”, slurs previously bandied about by men defending their right to rape.

At a talk I did earlier this year on feminism, several students turned up to hear me, with one telling me a heartbreaking story about being cast out by her feminist group because she was a “terf” (trans exclusionary radical feminist) and a “swerf” (sex worker exclusionary radical feminist). Her crime had been to circulate an article I had written about the disgracefully low conviction rate for rape in the UK.

No pretext is too small.

Another emailed me recently explaining how she had been at the meeting at a London university that decided to “no platform” me from a debate on whether or not prostitution is harmful to women.

When several of the female students said they wanted to hear the debate, the white, male leader of that society started shouting that they were all “transphobes” and “whorephobes” for supporting me, so everyone shut up. I don’t blame them. I have had 11 years of this hostility because of one article I wrote, and they do not want the same treatment.

Been there. Alex Gabriel, Jason Thibeault, HJ Hornbeck, James Billingham – some of the white males who led the campaign to ostracize me. This is a pattern.

Another student told me she was banned from her feminist society because the flyers she distributed outlining the threat to women’s reproductive rights referred to “women” rather than ‘“womb bearers”, which was deemed transphobic.

Someone commented on a Facebook post of Julie’s to tell that story or a very similar one, and gave me permission to quote it here:

My crime was distributing flyers at my campus for a pro choice action rally against anti abortion nutters harassing women at the abortion clinic (”trans exclusionary”) to add insult to injury, I didn’t put a penis symbol on the feminist emblem, and the flyers referred to reproductive rights as applying to ‘women’ rather than ‘womb bearers’. I’ve since been blacklisted as a ”terf” and apparently I am responsible for all the hate crimes committed against transwomen in the whole world, because of these flyers.

It’s “trans exclusionary” to talk about issues that affect women as issues that affect women. That’s a problem.

Any feminism that names men and men’s violence as the problem is being shut down. The liberal, queer-identifying feminists that celebrate SlutWalk, pornography and “sex work” do not get no platformed. They are simply not a threat to men, and therefore the increasing numbers of men who are leading the troops into no platforming hell are appeased by them.

Saying No Platform to Julie Bindel but not (until later, under pressure) to Milo Yiannopoulos is the clincher.

Here is proof that this is an anti-feminist crusade, and nothing at all about so called safe spaces.

We have always been at war with feminism.

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