Women and anger=

A 2008 study also found the double standard about anger in women as opposed to men.

The abstract:

Three studies examined the relationships among anger, gender, and status conferral. As in prior research, men who expressed anger in a professional context were conferred higher status than men who expressed sadness. However, both male and female evaluators conferred lower status on angry female professionals than on angry male professionals. This was the case regardless of the actual occupational rank of the target, such that both a female trainee and a female CEO were given lower status if they expressed anger than if they did not. Whereas women’s emotional reactions were attributed to internal characteristics (e.g., “she is an angry person,” “she is out of control”), men’s emotional reactions were attributed to external circumstances. Providing an external attribution for the target person’s anger eliminated the gender bias. Theoretical implications and practical applications are discussed.

Fundamental attribution error all over again innit, but here in respect to women v men rather than self v other.

I wonder if this is part of the reason feminism is so generally hated, even by women, even by feminists. Mostly it’s because women are so generally hated, even by women, even by feminists, and that is obviously intimately connected to this double standard, as both cause and effect…but I wonder if it’s also a significant part of the hidden motivation for categories like “White Feminism” and “TERF.”

Because obviously feminism is all about women + anger. Feminism is women saying No, women refusing, women rebelling (yes rebelling), women fighting back, women resisting, women getting angry. If we all have a deep unconscious aversion to anger in women…

…well the problem is obvious.


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