Over 400 is the new normal – and that’s not normal. USA Today:

Six months after 195 nations vowed tougher action to curb global warming, the problem has only grown worse, with higher accumulations of greenhouse gas emissions, record worldwide temperatures and widespread coral bleaching from hotter ocean waters.

On top of that, a new United Nations report documents increased pollution levels for the world’s cities.

The primary greenhouse gas that leaders at a global summit in Paris last December agreed to reduce — carbon dioxide (CO2) released from burning of fossil fuels — is now fixed above the historic milestone of 400 parts per million that was reached for the first time last year.

Less than 300 feet from the edge of the cliff.

In the planet’s Northern Hemisphere, where most of the world’s population lives and burns fossil fuels, a benchmark reading from the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii reached a monthly average of 407.42 parts per million in April. In the slightly cleaner Southern Hemisphere, readings from an Australian measuring station surpassed 400 parts per million last week, according to Australian scientists.

The rate of 400 parts per million is significant because the planet hasn’t seen that much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for millions of years.

“This is the new normal. This isn’t going away,” said Pieter Tans, chief greenhouse gas scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He said the warming of the planet will be steady and inevitable. “It’s like we just set the thermostat at a higher level.”

But we evolved at the lower level, so this isn’t going to work out well.

The coral reefs are going, rapidly.

The trend is not improving.

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