A cold, calculated career decision

According to Andrew Grice in the Independent (and he’s not the only one), Brexit is all about Boris Johnson’s personal ambition. It’s amazing how just one person can fuck up everything in sight.

In killing Boris’s bid, the Justice Secretary has delivered the justice that Boris deserved. Johnson’s personal ambition got the better of him. He used to tell friends that he wanted to not just run Britain but “the world”; he was only half-joking.

But what a price the whole country has paid for that ambition; our EU membership has probably been sacrificed for it. The Leave camp would probably not have won without Boris as their front man.

“I am not an Outer,” he told some fellow Tory MPs  shortly before coming  out for Brexit. Many Tories – David Cameron included – are convinced it was a cold, calculated career decision. That he didn’t really believe in Brexit, he just believed in Boris. Now, incredibly, Boris has walked away from the scene of his unforgivable crime and left others to clear up the mess.

Oh well. No biggy.

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