A victory for xenophobia

Jim Al-Khalili on Twitter:

Sad and shocked this morning. Presumably as an immigrant I should hand my job back to whoever it is I took it from. A victory for xenophobia

Some replies:

Phoenix on the Right ‏@BigButterNutJoe 5 hours ago
@jimalkhalili You should absolutely leave. What kind of Brit has a last name like Al-Khalili? Your people have a home.

TJWP ‏@Hriob_Zagel 5 hours ago
TJWP Retweeted
Well with an attitude like that you should probably leave since you don’t seem to support the county to begin with. https://twitter.com/jimalkhalili/status/746207671515123714 …

Randolph Carter ‏@occidissident 5 hours ago
Randolph Carter Retweeted
That’s a start. Then self-deportation. Take your skill set and benefit your own country, your own people #brexit https://twitter.com/jimalkhalili/status/746207671515123714 …

Brittany StGermain ‏@brittykittybrat 5 hours ago
@jimalkhalili Maybe if immigrants showed more respect to their “foster” countries instead of trying to bring what they “ran” from…hmmmmmmm

Spectre ✘ ‏@SpectreRedux 5 hours ago
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Yes. And then get the fuck out. Go home, kebab. https://twitter.com/jimalkhalili/status/746207671515123714 …

Welcome to Farage’s Britain.

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