After a series of hostile threats

Speaking of the rage and threats and violence that have become the new normal – Oregon’s governor has extra security these days, thanks to the worked-up rage of the gangsters who tried to steal Malheur.

After a series of hostile threats this year — beginning with the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation and continuing after Brown called for tighter gun rules in Oregon — the governor’s security detail has quietly taken steps to increase protection levels.

Some measures remain unidentified. But others are visible.

They don’t always say where she’s going, for instance.

And while threats against Oregon governors aren’t new, Brown’s staff said it’s taking the increasingly aggressive tone of recent threats seriously enough to keep in regular contact with the FBI.

“Instead of voicing passionate opinions or dissent as part of exercising free speech, they express intent to cause her harm, ugly threats of physical violence and death,” said Kristen Grainger, Brown’s communications director. “Potentially dangerous individuals have attempted to breach security perimeters on more than one occasion.”

Grainger and others say Brown’s role in calling for an end to this winter’s armed occupation near Burns, along with her recent backing of three gun-control bills, appear to have ramped up threats.

Bullies like to bully; it’s what they do.

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